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The fishing destination of Flamingo is located inside Everglades National Park and is one of the wildest places left in Florida.  It is where many legendary anglers and guides like Flip Pallot, Joe Brooks, Jimmy Albright, Ted Williams, Lefty Kreh, Billy Pate, and Stu Apte spent many of days learning the secrets and techniques of the Everglades.  Flamingo is located at the southwestern most tip of the mainland of Florida and is often referred to as the "Heart of the Everglades."  It can also be reached by boat across Florida Bay from Key Largo and Islamorada.  Normally it would take about 30-45 minutes by boat from the Keys or 1 hour drive by car from Homestead.  The trip may be lengthy, but it is full of adventure and worth every moment.  The prestine waters, streams, and fishing holes of the Everglades, a highly protected area, is one of the last truly untouched areas where one can fish in Florida.  There have been many times where you may not see another boat the entire day as the areas we travel to are so remote, that many do not venture out to these uncommon locations.  However, the adventure exceeds beyond fishing, as one may see migrating birds, crocodiles, alligators, dolphins, manatee, as well as exotic plants and flowers.  Getting to fish in the Everglades is really about the experience that makes it so special.


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Flamingo 's Winding Creeks dumping into The Gulf of Mexico and Florida Bay


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Sand and Oyster bars are a perfect place for Snook and Redfish to hide

Fishing in Flamingo is great all year long.  Some of the common species that we catch are Snook, Tarpon, Redfish, Grouper, Trout, Snapper, Jacks, Ladyfish, and Sharks.  You can also find Bonefish and Permit in the outer parts of the Everglades Boundaries in Florida Bay near Key Largo and Islamorada.


The Everglades National Park area has an average depth of only three feet which makes it perfect for sightfishing.  The endless shallow flats are covered with potholes for fish to lay in and mangrove edges provide comforting structure for Snook and juvenile Tarpon to hide behind.  Even though the water has a chocolate tint to it snook and redfish can be seen with a high quality pair of polarized sunglasses. Look into the Costa Del Mar line of Sunglasses before your trip to make your casting efforts more productive.


Fishing in Flamingo is probably one of the best ways to hone in your fly fishing skills.  The merky water disguises anglers presence and makes casting without fish seeing the line much easier.  This allows for many more quality shots at fish during a single day of fishing.  Because the water is dirty guides often opt for bright colored flies so the fish can see them moving in the water.  Chartreuse, orange, and white are very common colored flies used while Everglades Fishing.  Standard fly outfits are 8-12 weight fly rods with floating line.


We always tell our clients that if you truely love to fish then you have to experience fishing in the Everglades at least once in your life.  We assure you it will be a trip that you will remember for the rest of your life!



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Stu Apte holding a Bonefish that legendary angler Ted Williams caught


Recent Flamingo Fishing Trips with Guide Rich Smith

Flamingo Fishing Charter      Here is a nice Redfish caught while Fishing in Flamingo with Captain Rich Smith on July 17, 2011. He ate a live shrimp near the mangrove trees of the backcountry waters of Whitewater Bay.  Redfish can be caught all year long in Flamingo and will eat shrimp, artificial lures, and also flies when Fly Fishing.  The Redfish is also a very social fish which means when you find one on a particular shoreline odds are he's not going to be alone.  We caught over 30 Redfish and a few snook all on the same 30 yard stretch of mangrove shoreline.


Here is the same customer with a nice Snook caught while throwing a Rapala X-Rap on the same shoreline.  Snook can also be caught year round here with Flamingo Fishing Charters.  We target these fish using a wide variety of baits, artificial lures, and flies.  The Common Snook is very similar to a large mouth bass on steroids!  Because you can lip them just like the bass and the fight is explosive just on a bigger scale.  These fish will also be found in fresh and saltwater.  So in certain spots you can use the same lure to catch Snook, Bass, Tarpon, and Redfish in the same spot.   Flamingo Fishing Guide


Flamingo Fishing      Here is a massive Sawfish that jumped out of the water and nearly took out Captain Rich's customers.  This is an occurance that almost never happens but it just goes to show that fishing out here in the Everglades area of Flamingo is truely and Angling Adventure.  These Texas boys had a great time and are already planning their next Everglades Fishing Adventure with us.  If you wondering when is best to come out here you might want to email us or give us a call so we can recommend what month might be best based on what you hope to accomplish during your Flamingo Fishing Charter.


Captain Rich Smith makes the cover of Saltwater Sportsman Magazine for the May 2011 Spring Tarpon Issue with a monster Tarpon caught in the Flamingo Fishing area.  It was caught during our annual Spring Tarpon migration on a Rapala X-Rap.  These monster fish start coming through in big numbers as early as Feb and dont stop till the end of June.  The rest of the year we can still catch big Tarpon there are just fewer numbers like the thousands we see in a typical Spring Tarpon day.  Our Flamingo Fishing Guides are seasoned guides that know when and where to find them on a daily basis.  To book a date in Tarpon Season we recommend booking early, often times as much as a year in advance for prime dates.    Flamingo Fishing Tarpon


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